Self-Pick Program

Come on our farm and harvest your own vegetables, weigh and pay.

Some compelling reasons to pick your own vegetables:

Freshness You really can't beat the freshness! These vegetables will not have the chance to spend days even weeks in trucks and refrigerated storage.
Organic Environmentally friendly and safe vegetables for you.
Economical You pick, so harvesting and some other costs are deducted from price.
Choice and variety Unlike the CSA basket/box programs, you get to choose what you want. If you want lots of kale week after week, it's possible. If you hate cucumbers, you don't have to pick cucumbers and thus no wastage. If you want to sample all twenty plus tomatoes available, you can. See a complete list of vegetables here.
Quantity You harvest the amount you need - for a meal, or to preserve for the winter months. Hang around the farm and you will discover easy ways to preserve vegetables.
Timing You can do your harvest when it's most convenient for you - come every day for a daily harvest if you want!
Learning experience You get closer to earth... discover how the vegetables evolve in their growing process. Share this experience with your children.
Better health Studies have shown that activities performed outside in nature have benefits to our mental and physical well-being. Don't forget you are also soaking up lots of vitamin D.

How it works:

Come to the farm and make your way to the vegetable stand. There you will find some harvesting baskets, bags and tools required for harvest. You can bring your own bags to reduce plastic waste. A list of available produce and a map to locate them in the garden can also be found in the stand.

With a knife and a basket in hand,, you walk to the garden and proceed to fill your bags with goodies. Harvesting is easier than you may think; only a few items require a 20 second instruction (if you are unfamiliar with the harvest process).

After harvest, you return to the stand where you weigh or count your harvest as applicable. You record your bounty on the computer to generate your invoice and pay. If you have an account with us, your balance is updated to reflect the current purchase.

Amarosia Self-Pick preferred customer:

By becoming a preferred customer, you are eligible to some benefits including the following:

To become a preferred customer, you just need to open an account with us with an initial $100 balance at the beginning of each season.

Some details:

Open Hours

non-members Thursday to Tuesday between 10:30am and 7pm (Wednesday is day off)
members Everyday 8am-8pm (Let us know if you need to come outside these hours so we don't think we are being burglarized)



Rainy days

Safety & hygiene


Attention smokers: Please refrain from smoking on the property.
Please wash your hands thoroughly with water and soap before accessing the fields. Cigarettes, cigars may leave a virus (tobacco mosaic virus) on your hands and clothing that can then be transmitted in particular to tomatoes and peppers, and many other crops. Do not put your hands in your pockets so you don't re-contaminate your hands.


A parking space is provided near the stand. If you drive up the field, park your vehicle on the edge of the garden to maintain the roadway clear. Drive very slowly.


Are you planning to process large quantities of produce? Some commercial sized appliances are available for your use. Please inform yourself on how to use them correctly. Clean thoroughly after usage.

Consider partnering yourself with another to make use of some of the appliance more time efficient.

Payment terms, rebates and fees

Payments can be made by:

Send payments to:

Amarosia Organic Garden Ltd.
469 Route 530
Grande-Digue, NB, E4R 5E1

or e-Transfers at:

Other internet payment options do exist but processing fees are often not so apparent. Please find out all the fees that will be incurred and assume them.

We currently do not accept payments by credit card.


You can bring your dog only if ...

Please note that if in the future we decide to bring livestock on the farm, for example chickens, we may decide to disallow bringing pets on the farm.